Agriculture of Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine

Zhytomyr Region is an important region in the economy of Ukraine, with close to the major market of the national capital, Kyiv, and easy access to international markets, such as the EU, CIS and Southern Europe.

Zhytomyr Region has extensive assets for the development of agriculture and is a major producer of grains, legumes and other vegetables. The Region is also a major territory for livestock and a major milk and dairy products. More than 50% of the regional land resources are use in agriculture and has been characterised by steady growth from 2012 to 2018.

Agricultural production in Zhytomyr region, UAH mln

2012 7947.6UAH mln
2013 8193.7UAH mln
2014 8376.4UAH mln
2015 8232UAH mln
2016 9328.9UAH mln
2017 9949.6UAH mln
2018 11023.7UAH mln

In 2018, regional enterprises managed to increase the volume of crop production by 18% compared to 2017, livestock products – by 9%. According to the results of 2018, the region ranked 6th or 7th in Ukraine in terms of gross agricultural production.

The crop industry of the region holds leading positions in Ukraine in the production of cereals and legumes (spring wheat, rye, oats, millet, buckwheat, beans, vetch, lupins), technical (soybean), feed (fodder beet) and vegetables (potatoes, fodder corn, leek, radishes) crops.

The main focus of animal husbandry is milk and dairy production. The region also offers beef, veal, pork, poultry and eggs on both domestic and foreign markets. The region ranks among the top butter producers in the country and our local ice cream brand “Rud” is known far beyond Ukraine.

Products of plant and animal origin, as well as ready-made foods account for over 20% of regional exports, while about 4% of such products are imported. The general tendency for the country is a significant increase in the volume of deliveries to the countries of Asia and the European Union.

Zhytomyr region is one of the three leaders in organic production in Ukraine.

Structure of investments of agro-industrial complex of the region

  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Enterprises of food and processing industry

Structure of investmentby agricultural enterprises

  • Purchase of machinery and processing equipment
  • Construction and reconstruction of production facilities
  • Formation of the reproductive herd
  • Others
Major producers in the region are:
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