Regional support

With the aim of system work with investors and resolving the problem points during their investment projects’ introduction, also attraction of all necessary offices and departments to the suggested objects’ maintenance, according to the head of region state administration’s decree №246 of 27.08.2014 The Board of investments attraction was formed.
The board includes the heads of Region State Administration’s structural subdivisions which give all-round support in the project realization in various economic branches of the region. In addition the board includes the heads of licensing, supervisory and fiscal offices, among which State Geocadastre office, Public Service Labor, ecology and natural resources directorate, Service for Emergency events, Sanitary inspection, the Inspectorate of State Architectural and Construction Control and other.
The leading aims of the board’s functioning are:

  • creating favorable conditions for investment projects’ realization in the region’s economic branches;
  • participation in forming the attractive investment image of the region;
  • facilities for native economic entities’ entrance to the international market of goods, funds and services;
  • rise of the level of cooperation of state authorities, local self-governing bodies and economic agents in the sphere of investment activities;
  • providing an active cooperation of the investment activities’ subjects.

With the support of investors and their work between Zhytomyr’s Economic Development offices, necessary staff is available to provide
The Board includes the department heads of the Regional State Administration’s offices, which provide all-round support to project development and realization. In addition, the Board consists of the heads of Licensing, Supervisory, and Fiscal offices, including the state’s Surveying, Public Service Labor, Emergency Service, Sanitary Inspection, Architectural and Construction Inspection, as well as the Ecology and Natural Resources Directorate.
The Leading Goals of the Board are:

  • To create positive conditions to support the investment project
  • To participate in forming an attractive investment for the region
  • To create opportunities for local economic entities to enter the international market
  • To increase the level of cooperation between state authorities, local entities, and other economic offices
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