Congenial investment climate

According to the rating of investment attractiveness of Ukrainian regions Zhytomyr region occupies a leading position in key factors of the formation of a favorable investment climate:

1 position – Slightest risk of corruption; Factor characterizes the additional costs, which should be realized in the normal course of business.
1 position – Simplified administrative procedures;
Based on the investors’ assessment of basic administrative procedures, which they encountered in the course of their activities.
2 position – The effectiveness of state bodies; This factor is characterized by the fact how well governments perform their duties.
2 position – Respect for property rights;
The investors’ assessment of raiding, dispute resolution process with respect to property rights, etc.
4 position – Availability of labor resources;
The quality of the workforce is one of the main socio-economic characteristics of the area. The higher the level of human capital development, the less resources will be spent on company training and retraining.
7 position – Business climate;
The business climate is a combination of factors that characterize the environment in which enterprises operate. Usually the regulatory hurdles, market conditions in the assessment of the business climate, cooperation between enterprises of the practice, and other are taken into account.
9 position – Infrastructure;
This factor has a great influence both in the choice of location of production facilities, and for the sale of products.
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