Geographic location and climatic conditions


Zhytomyr region was formed in September, 22, 1937. It is located in the central part of the East European plain, in the north of Right-Bank Ukraine. The area of the region is 29,9 thousand square kilometers, that makes 4,9 % of the territory of Ukraine. By its sizes the region is one of the largest in Ukraine and yields only to four re­gions: Odessa, Dnipro, Chernihiv and Kharkiv. Its area is larger than that of Armenia, Albania, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon. The length of the region from west to east is 170 km, from north to south — 230 km. Due to a favourable physiographic and economic position the region has a compact population and high level of property development.


In geostructural respect the territory of Zhytomyr region is within north-western part of Ukrainian crystalline shield, which is a constituent of Russ platform.


Relief of Zhytomyr region is closely linked to geological feature.

Zhytomyr region has the form of a wavy plain with gradual decline to the North and Northern East (from 280 220 m to 150 m and less). Major part of the territory lies within boundaries of Prydniprovska and Volyno-Podilska Highlands. Poliska lowland occupies the northern and north-eastern parts.


The climate is moderate-continental with warm wet summer and mild cloudy winter. The average temperature is: in summer – + 17-19 0C, in winter – minus 60C. An average annual temperature in the region is +6-70C. The strongest frosts in January and February can reach minus 300C. Frost-free period is 150-170 days. Period with average daily temperature above zero is 240-260 days. Vegetative period (average temperature is 50C degrees above zero) lasts from the second decade of April till the third decade of October.

Snow cover in most regions is even (10-30 cm) and lasts for 95-110 days, but it’s not stable because of frequent thaws. Otherwise it’s enough to protect winter crops from freezing and accumulation of telluric moisture.

Due to the absence of high highlands air masses of different origin move free which causes variability of weather in different seasons. But the interchange of the seasons is gradual.

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