Labour force

Human resources are one of the key competitive advantages of Zhytomyr region. Current population density is favorable.It has a favorable index of population density (as for 01 January, 2016 it was 42.1 people peron 1 as of 01 January, 2016 ).

Total workforceThe number of workforce in the region’s total population is about 62.2% and t. The number of employed peoplepopulation in socially useful work is more than 50%.

With nearly 50% of the population un- or underemployed there is increased risk for employable people to move out of the area.The excess of working population and lack of employment opportunities causes the migration processes in the region and an increase in unemployment.

TotalAs a whole in the region the level of unemployment is 11.3%, equating to more than while the number of unemployed working-age population exceeds 64 thousand. people unemployed.

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