Igor Gundych Met Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Create Joint Business Projects

The Chairman of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Igor Gundych, together with the Chairman of Zhytomyr Regional Council Volodymyr Shyrma, discussed with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ukraine Samat Ordabaev the possible activities and creation of joint business projects. The meeting with the Ambassador took place on 20 December.

“Currently, we don’t have investments from Kazakhstan in Zhytomyr. Therefore, I expect that today’s meeting will be fruitful, and we will establish cooperation between the two countries. The possible spheres can include agriculture, stone processing, wood processing and IT”, – Igor Gundych noted.

According to the Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to start with, we have to implement
3-4 joint strong projects with a favorable outcome.

“We have to create several business projects that will include a priority area, a form of cooperation, the market vision and profitability. We are ready to cooperate. We have experience, initiating more than 200 new joint ventures over 1,5 years in Ukraine”, Samat Ordabayev said.

“We have already begun establishing cooperation with Kazakhstan: a few days ago, the coach of our FC Polissia headed the top league FC Akzhayik of Kazakhstan”, – the Chairman of the administration joked.

The participants of the meeting discussed the trends of the economy and market development in Kazakhstan and Zhytomyr region, as well as the possible ways and areas of cooperation.

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