Attracted investment

As of 01.01.2020, the volume of attracted foreign direct investments (equity capital) into the economy of Zhytomyr region equalled USD 246.3 million making up 5.2% more than at the beginning of the year. EU member states brought USD 217.9 million (88.5% of the total amount), other countries contributed USD 28.4 million (11.5%).

During 2019, foreign investors brought USD 14.6 million and withdrew USD 2.6 million of direct investments from the economy of Zhytomyr region. Another increase in equity value amounted to USD 0.15 million and happened due to the exchange rate difference.

The amount of investments per capita of the region was equal to USD 202.7.

The investments came from 51 countries. The key investors, which account for about 87% of the total investment inflow, include: Cyprus, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Virgin Islands (UK), Switzerland and Italy.

Distribution of total foreign capital by country of origin

  • Cyprus
  • Austria
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Virgin Islands (Great Britain)
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Other countries

USD 202.3 million (82.1%) of direct investments are concentrated in industry, including processing industry – USD 188.9 million. USD 21.6 million or 8.8% of the total direct investments are accumulated in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, real estate organizations account for USD 12.2 million (4.9%).

Distribution of total foreign capital by country of origin as of 01.01.2020: Cyprus – 59%, Austria – 7%, the Netherlands – 7%, Germany – 4%, Poland – 3%, the Virgin Islands (UK) – 3%, Switzerland – 2%, Italy – 2%, other countries – 13%.

During 2019, enterprises and organizations of the region absorbed UAH 7,900.9 million of capital investments at the expense of all sources of financing, which is by 6.7% more than in 2018.

The amount of capital investment absorbed per capita of the region was UAH 6,095.3.

98.7% of the total capital investments were directed to tangible assets. For instance, 53.3% were invested into machinery, equipment and vehicles, 41.0% of all investments – into buildings and constructions.

The largest share of capital investment (98.9% of the total volume) was absorbed in tangible assets. In particular, machinery, equipment and supplies and means of transport accounted for 48.0% of all investments, buildings and constructions – for 46.3%. Intangible assets accounted for 1.1% of the total capital investment.

The main source of financing of capital investments were the funds of enterprises and organizations, at the expense of which 65.5% of the total volume were absorbed. The share of local budgets is 12.6%, bank and other loans – 9.5%, household funds – 5.7%.

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