The volume of the foreign direct investment (share capital) brought from the beginning of investment into the economy of Zhytomyr region as of July 01, 2017 amounted to USD 227.4 million, which is 5,2% more compared with January 01, 2017.

Investments came from 50 countries of the world, including the EU countries – 82% of the total volume. The largest contributions were made by non-residents of Cyprus, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Virgin Islands, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Almost 80% of foreign capital is concentrated in industry, about 9% – in the agricultural and forestry sector, up to 5% of investments – in real estate transactions.

In the first half of 2017, USD 1397,4 thousand of direct investments (share capital) were invested in the economy of Zhytomyr region by foreign investors. 1372,3 thousand USD of share capital of non-residents were withdrawn. Exchange rate was 11,1 million USD.        As of 01.07.2017, there were 358 foreign investment enterprises in the region.

In January-June 2017, enterprises and organizations of the region at the expense of all sources of financing accumulated USD 2465,1 million of capital investments. In the comparable prices it is113.2% of the volume of the corresponding period of the last year.

The most important part of capital investments (98.9% of total volume) is concentrated in tangible assets. In particular, 57.1% of all investments were concentrated in machinery, equipment and inventory and vehicles, while 37.8% – in the building and construction. 1.1% of total capital investment was invested in intangible assets.

The main source of financing of capital investment remain the own funds of enterprises and organizations, which accumulate 75.4% of the total volume. The share of population funds for housing construction is 10.2%.


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