Our Door is Always Open to Investors

This idea was emphasized on 19 November by the Head of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Mr. Vitaliy Bunechko during the meeting of the Board on Bringing Investments at the regional state administration.

“Attracting investments is one of our priorities. Investments are additional revenue to local budgets. We will facilitate to the fullest possible extent your business in Ukraine, in Zhytomyr region. Our door is always open to investors”, Mr. Bunechko told to investors.

Furthermore, during the meeting, the investors and the authorities discussed the issues of concern as regards their activities in the region, and possible ways out.

For reference. To date, the volume of direct foreign investment in the economy of Zhytomyr region is about USD 250 million. The investments came from 51 countries.

There are more than 370 enterprises with foreign investments in the region, which attracted more than USD 10 million in the first half of this year. There is a positive tendency to reduce the amount of capital withdrawn. Yes, if in the first half of 2018, USD 2.5 million foreign capital were withdrawn or 45% of its inflows, in the corresponding period of the current year USD 1.3 million were withdrawn or 12% of the amount of foreign capital inflows.

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