16 MW Solar Power Plant Opened in Zhytomyr Region

On 27 May 2020, a 16 MW solar power plant was opened in the village of Ignatpil, Ovruch district. The first deputy chairman of the regional council Mr. Serhii Kramarenko and the chief of staff of the regional council Ms. Raisa Hula visited the new facility.

The solar power plant is located on a plot of 26.5 hectares, and its opening was made possible due to the support of Turkish investors. The construction of the facility started on 01 April this year, and completed on 25 May.

The investment for the project amounted to almost EUR 13 million. According to the village council, the commissioning of the new enterprise has created more than 20 new permanent jobs.

Mr. Kramarenko noted that the development of alternative energy sources is the basis of energy independence of our state. “But in addition, – he said, – it is the development of small and medium-sized businesses, new jobs, filling local budgets, and thus the economic development of Ukraine”.

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