Taiwanese Investor is to Build Garment Factory in Zhytomyr Region

The Taiwanese company QVE considers Zhytomyr region as a possible location for setting up a garment factory. This was discussed during a meeting on 29 November by the Deputy Chairman of Zhytomyr Regional State Administration Ms. Natalia Ostapchenko and Vice President of Quang Viet Enterprise Jacob Yu.

“It is important for us to create new jobs in the region, and to attract investment funds. That is why we encourage you to get familiarized with the possibilities to open a new garment factory on the territory of Zhytomyr region, or to establish cooperation with existing ones”, Ms. Ostapchenko said.

The QVE Vice President noted that the company is currently considering to set up a new factory in Zhytomyr region. However, the main landmark and advantage is a two-hour distance from Kyiv. The first factory of this company in Europe started operating in Romania, the second one may be in Ukraine.

The director of the Department for Agro-Industrial Development and Economic Policy of the regional state administration Mr. Viktor Hradivskyi informed that 1,000 jobs are planned at the first stage of the business.

Within a few days, the prospective investor will get to know the options for the factory location and have a look at the already existing garment and textile enterprises.

For reference: Quang Viet Enterprise is a Taiwanese company specializing in apparel, including outerwear and sportswear. It has production facilities in China, Vietnam, Jordan and Romania. QVE’s main customers are the well-known global brands Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma, Under Armor, New Balance and others.

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