One More Powerful Solar Power Plant to be Built in Zhytomyr Region

Powerful investment projects continue to be implemented in Zhytomyr region in the framework of signed memorandums between the Head of the Regional State Administration Mr. Ihor Hundych and investors.

In early 2019, Irshanska SES LLC began construction of a solar power plant in Korosten district. More than 6,000 piles have already been installed for a powerful solar power plant, which is invested by Upgrade Energy from Belgium.

This was reported by the Acting Director of the Department for Agricultural Development and Economic Policy of the Regional State Administration Mr. Viktor Hradivskyi.

“Since the beginning of the year, companies with which Mr. Hundych signed memorandums on cooperation began investing actively in projects in Zhytomyr region. In February 2019, the construction of the first stage of Irshanskaya SES LLC with a capacity of 5.9 MW was commenced. The company has already installed about 18 thousand separate photovoltaic modules and about 6.5 thousand piles, and now the assembly of tables and FEM is ongoing. In addition, in March, public hearings were held on the establishment of a green tariff for electricity production. The total capacity of the plant’s project will be 25-30 MW”, – Mr. Hradivskyi said.

In general, last year the Head of the Regional State Administration signed 14 memorandums on cooperation with foreign companies.

“One more investment project is actively developing in the village of Chopovychi, Malyn district. This project is implemented as a result of the memorandum signed by Mr. Hundych in December 2018 with GESS. At present, the modernization of the electrical substation is underway, to which Malinska SES LLC will be connected. We are launching SES in summer this year”, – the Acting Director stressed.

In addition, within the framework of the signed memorandums:

  • The works on the construction design of a photovoltaic plant by the Irish company Altostrata Energy Limited in Luhyny district are under completion. In April 2019, the company signed an agreement on connection to the electric networks with the state-owned enterprise “NEK “Ukrenergo”. By the end of the month they are planning to start construction.
  • In March, public hearings were held in Khoroshiv consolidated territorial community on the establishment of a green tariff for electricity produced at the solar power plant of K SES LLC with a capacity of 20 MW – a memorandum with Better Energy Energo P/S, Denmark.

Mr. Hundych has repeatedly emphasized that he is ready to lead an investor by the hand so that he could work comfortably in Zhytomyr region.

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