Foreign trade of the region in services in January-June 2016

In January-June 2016, the export of services amounted to USD 16,194.5, the import – USD 6,740.2 thous. Comparing with the corresponding period of 2015, the export increased by 8.0% (to 1,197.1 thous.), the import – by 57.5% (to 2,460.4 thous.). The surplus was 9454.3 thsd. (in January-June 2015 the surplus was USD 10,717.6 thous.).

The export-import coverage ratio was 2.40 (in January-June 2015 – 3.50).

The rate of increase (decrease) in exports and imports of services
(In % to the corresponding period of the previous year, cumulative)


Foreign trade transactions were conducted with partners from 58 countries.

The share of the export in services to EU countries comparing with the corresponding period of last year increased by 10.2 gross points and accounted for 71.0% of the total exports, the share of imports – fell by 13.0 gross points and was 42.6%.

The largest volume of exports in services were to Germany (27.0%), Israel (10.8%), the Netherlands (10.7%), Romania (10.2%), the Russian Federation (9.7%) and the UK (5.5%).

The largest volume of services in exports accounted for processing of material resources – 45.7% of total exports of services in telecommunications, computer and information – 29.7%, transport – 9.6%.

The main partners in imports of services were Switzerland (27.0%), Austria (12.5%), Germany (11.1%) and Poland (6.2%).

The basis of the structure of imports of services amounted business services – 41.1%, transport – 30.5%, royalties and other services related to the use of intellectual property – 18.0%, in telecommunications, computer and information – 7 1%.

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